Fake Avatar


Fake Avatar is a blog founded by Martin Cannas (Runner) and Alberto Elia Violante (Nyx), two Milan/Italy based media designers, in 2014.
The academic purpose, in which the blog was born, is to promote designers by showcasing their work and adding links to the creators to enable further deepening/support.
By the way, here’s a different story.

The house of a wise man, lost in a collective primitivism, had no furniture, only the essentials for survival. There was no library, but one book resting on the floor, in the center of the room. How could a man of such knowledge, draw it from a single opus? None of the guests of the house had never dared to touch it, nor open, but if some fearless mind had given way to a fit of curiosity, he would find as answer only wonder and admiration, uncontrollable emotion, in the view of the immense fullness of completely blank pages.

So, be the guest who goes on to approach the book. This is Fake Avatar, a collection of premises, primarily visual, of the real content of that pages and the awareness of them. Or, most probably, it’s just a design blog. As you like it.


Alien observer

when Randomly
what Put those epic space journeys (and also their mystifying propaganda) in the service of celestial knowledge, admiring nomadic planets shine like archetypes in the Initial Time.

Anime x Anime

when Randomly
what From Osamu Tezuka to Mamoru Oshii. A frame by frame capture of endless inspiration.


when Randomly
what Pick of photo shoots, hidden treasures, postcards from souls or stomachs, epiphanies of light and shadow.

Endless Playlists

when Six times a year
what To listen seriously this list of songs you should immerse yourself in a foggy landscape at night, between lunar gravels and digital gods, kneeling in front of the huge gash of past electric ages.

Glitch behind the sound

when Twice in a month + extras
what Caravans of never heard sounds branching out like clouds of odors from other perceptions. Translated: Album of the month or selected tracks.

Holography of the present

when Randomly
what Global topical images with a strong visual impact, selected monthly. Life becoming landscape.

Holy Land of Cinema

when Randomly
what All-time masterpiece movies like comets, supernovas, red dwarfs or hypergiants (wandering) on the first stage of human mind and senses, the sky at night.


when Randomly
what Reportages from abandoned and forgotten places. Latin ‘Limen’ means ‘threshold’, ‘boundary’, a transition from a place (concrete or abstract) to another, a temporary situation in which landscapes are refracted inside ourselves through quiet waves.

Marks unveiled

when Randomly
what Logos from the dawn of time to cyberspace, sinking into collective unconscious, as feeling and thought in the residues of ancestral life.

Men Vs Apps

when Randomly
what Selection of mobile apps based on layout and functionality. Not suitable for fanboys.

Not our eyes

when Randomly
what One week, one photographer. Digital and analogical processes, hybridizations that become glares of the undergrounds.

Reversed iridescence

when 28th of the month + extras
what Illustrators and painters. “Why can’t we see the wind?” “Not to scare someone”.


when 27th of the month + extras
what Powerful www videos. Let humans move images and sonorize them.


when Randomly
what Talking about fonts and true italics, you will not find slanted shit here.
Showcase of great digital foundries and their typefaces.

More rubrics coming soon.