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Anime series openings to watch

Anime series openings to watch

Let’s start the Anime x Anime section with a post that will not scare anime haters away. This is a design blog and that’s exactly why anime should be in it. Graphic design, motion design and so much more inspiration form japanese animated productions. Talking about the choices, I’m not focusing on the series content, even if all of the selected are definitely worth watching, instead the spotlight goes on the colours, compositing, editing, sound, …

Ergo Proxy opening has a more classical graphic approach, big serif typefaces in overlay, pure film clutter and some video footage. Not so often seen in anime openings and therefore a nice welcome.

Psycho Pass (spoiler alert because it is the second op of the series) plays with lots of colours you will not find in the episodes, but describes very well the mood. The noise on the dark spots reminded me of Catch me if you can great title sequence.

Cowboy Bebop. Why? Because it can. Old school masterpiece, with such a nice Saul Bass cinema feel in it.

Death Note (op2) deservers a place in this selection because it brought a music language, editing and colour grading that others didn’t dare to show. Actually it’s arduous going wrong with Madhouse productions.

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